Computer Short Courses in Lahore Pakistan

Full Stack Developer Course in Lahore

We at Genuine Technology of Computer College offer many languages used for development purposes.Developing Frontend of a website requires HTML, used for developing basic structure of webpage. CSS, used for designing webpage and Javascript, for dynamically updating content etc. Bootstrap, which has classes that helps us in developing different parts of a website. Tailwind CSS is also an important tool which is a framework of CSS.The languages used for backend are Laravel, a web application with expressive syntax. Node.JS and React.JS, framewoks of javascript. PHP,used for creation of web servers. MySQL, used for establishing a connection with database. JQuery, helps in using javascript easier. Wordpress, also used for building websites. Ajax is a technique that is used for creating fast dynamic web pages. Angular.JS and Vue.JS are the frameworks of Javascript. We also offer courses of different tools that are used in everyday life like Microsoft Outlook, for sending and recieving emails. Autocad which is a software used to design maps. We also offer courses of Adobe Photoshop and CorelDraw that are used for graphic designing.

Top used Programming Languages

Here are some of the popular languages and tools used for programming and development purposes like Python,used for backend. JAVA,which can be used for frontend and backend development. C,used for systems. C++,used to add object oriented features to C. C#,which is a high-level language. Ruby,which is a scripting language. Ruby on rails,a web application framework. Kotlin,used by android developers. Swift,a programming language developed by apple.Some other languages are Flutter and Go.Some Data Science tools are Matlab and Octave.A library,Matplotlib,which is a library of python. NumPy,used to perform operations on array. SciPy,a library used for scientific computation. Perl and Scala,which are general purpose programming languages. VB.Net,creating applications for microsoft new. TypeScript,an extension of javascript. P5.js and D3.js are Javascript libararies. Processing.js,which lets you write a processing code. CoffeeScript,used for server side applications. Rust,used for memory management.There are also some document editors like AsciiDoc and Latex,a typesetting system. Markdown,used to add formatting elements. MathML,for mathematical notation and Tex.The courses of these languages are not offered by us.

MS Office Course in Lahore

Microsoft Word is a useful tool that is used in everyday life to create documents that can be simple or complex. Microsoft Excel is a tool that allows us to manipulate data by organizing tha data into spreadsheets. Microsoft powerpoint is a tool that is used to create presentations.

Genuine Technology of Computer College also offers Data Entry course.This course involves enterance of customer's data and information of accounts,managing information and correction of errors on time to time basis.We also offer Urdu typing course that equips with the skills of fast urdu typing.In addition to urdu language,we also offer trainings in English Typing and Arabic Typing.After getting training,one will be able to do typing at great speed and accuracy.

There are new and emerging courses which are attarct youngsters.These are Data Mining,which is a process of finding similarities and corelations within large amount of data which helps to predict results,Data Scraping,which is a process of transfering of data from different websites to files or spreadsheets.These are the courses which are not offered by us.